Ant treatments

Ant Pest Control Sunshine Coast


We carry out thorough and intensive ant treatments.  Once our technician has completed an inspection of your home he will plan his treatment; this will depend on the design and construction of the home and where he believes the ants are originating from.  If we can locate the ant nests we treat the ant nests outside for ant control inside; as many ants travel from their nests outside to forage for food and water inside.
We will spray the external perimeter of your home and dust your weepholes.  We will also teat internally.  We will always follow up with our customer after an ant treatment to ensure they are satisfied with the results as sometimes a follow up treatment is required.  (we do not charge extra for follow up)  While our treatment is very effective we recommend some housekeeping tips;

  • Clean up food spills and crumbs
  • Keep food and left overs in sealed containers / bags
  • Dispose of uneaten pet food
  • Empty out inside bins and keep waste bags sealed and in closed bins

Ants are pest controllers number one pest as well as homeowners!

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