Ant Treatments

Ants are a nuisance pest, many homes are infested with ants, tracking up external walls, along patios, in bathrooms and in kitchens. To solve an ant infestation you need to treat the source – the nest. In some cases it is difficult to find the nest so we treat the ants and rely on them to take the product back to the nest and transfer it amongst the colony. We always follow up on our ant treatments as if we are unable to treat the nest directly a second treatment is sometimes required. We have good results with our ant treatments and very happy customers, below are some feedback comments from our customers;

  • ‘The ants are all gone – the best thing I have ever found out about!!!  Please can we book in to get an annual termite inspection done – as we want to use you guys for everything now’
  • ‘Wish we had used you sooner’
  • ‘I did not believe Deano would achieve such a good result’
  • ‘You did an excellent job of eliminating our ants’

In the video you can see how the ants are dropping and dying within minutes of Deano dusting a wall void.


The ant treatment we carry out will depend on the design and construction of the home, if the ants in and around your home are annoying you contact us for an obligation free quote.