Active termites found and treated in Buderim on the Sunshine Coast

We recently found active termites in a wall void in the garage in a home in Buderim.  We treated the active termites by way of a Termidor foaming treatment and followed up two weeks after the treatment to ensure the activity had ceased.  When carrying out a termite inspection to the home we noted the following conditions that made the home conducive to termite attack;

  • the ground level was above the weepholes on the external walls which allowed termites concealed access
  • the drainage was an issue around the high side of the house and garage allowing water to build up around the building edge creating a moisture source for termites
  • there were palm tree stumps in the yard creating an attractive food source for termites

There was evidence of a previous baiting and monitoring system which had not been maintained.  We recommended the above conducive conditions be rectified and a current termite management system be installed to help prevent future termite attack to the home.