Active termites found and treated in Bli Bli on the Sunshine Coast

We found active termites at a home in Bli Bli on the Sunshine Coast.  Our termite technician recommended installing an Exterra Termite Monitoring and Baiting System to create a termite interception zone.  We carried out a complete termite inspection of the home, installed the termite monitoring stations around the home and an above ground station on the termite activity.

Exterra Baiting & Monitoring

We added Termite Requiem bait into the above ground station, termites find this bait irresistible and very paletable, we monitored the station every two weeks re-filling it with the Requiem bait as the ‘worker termites’ fed aggressively on the bait empting the station and taking the bait back to and feeding it to the ‘soldier termites’ and ‘queen’ in the nest.  After a couple of visits inspecting and re-stocking the stations we notice less and less ‘worker termites’ and eventually only ‘soldier termites’.  This shows that the colony is on its last legs as with only having ‘soldiers’ protecting the nest and no ‘workers’ to feed the ‘soldiers’ and ‘queen’ a colony cannot exist.  It won’t be long and we will be able to declare total colony elimination! 

Below are two photos of the last ‘soldier termites’ of the colony in the above ground station.

Termite activity Sunshine Coast
Active termites Sunshine Coast